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Biotronix ecg



SerialNumber: 100FM23IG200

Order Number: 10-23-001

Lotto n°: 1123-FM-040-IG

Model Name: Biotronix ECG

In compliance with: FIA STANDARD 8868-2018

Homologation n°: BD.003.23-A

Series: Formula 1

Size: XS – S – M – L

Weight (grams):


Data of manufacture: 2023

Remove electronic unit case before washing.


Washing Instructions: Always separate the Driver ECG Chest Device before washing the ECG Chest Belt! To maximize the longevity of the sensors, it is recommended to hand wash the belt. If the belt is washed by machine, follow these instructions: Gentle cycle at 30°C using mild detergent. Do not use disinfectants or detergents containing chlorine. Gentle spin cycle. It is recommended to place the garment it in a laundry bag before washing it.



Formula Medicine

Via dei Carpentieri, 53
55041 Capezzano Pianore (LU) Italia


Made and assembled in Italy by:

ItalianGesture | LAB  

Via del Mare, 9
57128 Livorno (LI) Italia



ItalianGesture LAB agenzia creativa